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Mark was born in Kent, sometime in the late sixties. His actual age is hidden within a sealed envelope that is to be opened in the event of his death. A bit like a will, but less financially rewarding. This same envelope also includes his real weight and a list of the various diets that have failed him over the years.

Mark has been involved in theatre since the age of nine years old. His love of acting began with the opportunity to run around in an olde-worlde nightshirt and the realisation that showing-off was actively encouraged. He progressed from there to roles where he got to shout a lot, laugh a lot and occassionally even run around in a dress!

Mark now lives in Australia and over the last decade has also been directing for a number of local amateur theatre societies. He enjoys directing, because he’s excellent at telling people what to do and not throttling actors who can’t remember which door to use.

A Better You was his first play. It was originally intended to be a psychodrama about the political machinations of a group of women in a communo-idealised futuristic society, but that turned out to be a bit short on jokes when disestablishmentarianism proved too hard to fit into a punchline. So it became a comedy/farce set in a community hall instead and A Better You was created with, the author modestly claims, some “quite good jokes”.

A Better You has had numerous productions around the world, from the UK to Germany and Australia and the later comic monologues Wherefore Are Thee and Through The Chair are also now proving popular.


In recent years, Mark has directed productions of:

Beautiful Thing - Jonathan Harvey
Blithe Spirit - Noel Coward
A Kick in the Baubles - Gordon Steel
Steel Magnolias - Robert Harling
The Lyons - Nicky Silver

A Better You is up to fifteen productions worldwide and counting!

Wherefore Are Thee has won a number of festival awards and the wonderfully funny Em O’Loughlin won a Lyrebird Best Actress Award for her performance as Diana in the play in 2012.
Wherefore Are Thee was included in Armidale's Favourite Shorts Festival in 2014, with Lisa Quast playing Diana. The play came second in the People’s Choice award for the week and Lisa won the Best Actress award for her performance.

My one-act play of three monologues “Choices” and monologue “Through The Chair” were also included in Armidale's Favourite Shorts festival in 2009 and both pieces won runner-up in the Audience Choice Award in their respective weeks.

Through The Chair has also won third place in its week for both the Judges Choice and People’s Choice in Short + Sweet Sydney 2012. However the play was also later invited by the Artistic Director of Short + Sweet to take part in the Showcase Final, as another play had to withdraw.

A Better You

A comedy/farce for 7 women and 1 man.

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